Munich University of Applied Social Sciences / Undergraduate and Graduate Courses (2006-present)

BA “Social Work”, Online Program BA Social Work (BASA-online) & MA Social Management
  • E-Learning: Innovative Educational Designs with Digital Media
  • Social Media & Social Work
  • Introductions to Socio-Informatics
  • Foundations of Scientific Work and Media Competence
  • Adult Education: Designs, Methods, Trends
  • Knowledge Management
  • Community Work & Community Informatics

Online Courses Bavarian Virtual University (vhb)
  • Socio-Informatics (German)
  • Reflecting & Documenting Competences with E-Portfolios(German)

University of Rostock / Graduate Course “MA Media & Education
  • Evaluation of E-Learning
  • Designing Learning Settings with digital Media

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) / Hamburg University / Professional Development for Female Scientists
  • Science 2.0 & Social Media
  • Managing literature references effectively with Endnote


University of Hamburg / Graduate Courses MA Higher Education
  • Foundations of Communities of Practice
  • Educational Designs with E-Portfolios

Helmut-Schmidt University / Undergraduate Courses BA Pedagogy
  • Evaluation of E-Learning
  • Foundations of Online Learning

Kiel University of Applied Sciences / Undergraduate Courses BSc Multimedia Production
  • Introduction to Online Learning
  • Authoring Tools