Current position

Professional Experience

  • 2005-2006

    Post-doc Researcher at University of Hamburg, Study Program Master of Higher Education

  • 2004-2005

    Senior Expert E-Learning at Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege, Hamburg

  • 2001-2003

    Researcher Helmut-Schmidt University, University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg

  • 1990-2001

    Project Coordinator and IT-trainer at the FrauenTechnikZentrum, Hamburg (since 1999 on secondment for Ph.D. program).
    Transnational EU-funded co-operations projects in adult education, professional development, vocational training and media research:
    • TELELERNEN – Professional Development at a Distance for Small & Medium Enterprises
    • FEM - Female Experts in Multimedia
    • ARIANA- Qualifying Afghan Migrants as Office Managers
    Educational design and teaching:
    • Foundations of computing, Office programs
    • Multimedia-Authoring / WebDesign (Toolbook / Director, Visual Basic, Dreamweaver, Frontpage)

  • 1986-1990

    Social worker in Open Youth Work Parish St. Pauli-Süd, Hamburg & Educational Specialist at the Youth Work Office of the Protestant Church Stormarn)

Academic Qualifications
  • 2002 Ph.D in Education ( „summa cum laude“) at Helmut-Schmid University, Hamburg: Research Area Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)
  • 1986 Postgraduate Teacher Certificate (Second State Examination): Educational Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Education for Grammar School Teaching, Hamburg
  • 1983 Educational Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Education, University Hamburg and University of London (First State Examination)

Awards & Honors

  • Scholarship of the German National Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes) (1977-1983)
  • Best Paper Award for: Arnold, P. & Kumar, S. (2014). „Räumchen wechsle dich” Eigenräume und Raumwechsel beim Aufbau einer Online Community of Practice. Gesellschaft für Medien in der Wissenschaft (GMW) Annual Conference 2014, Zurich, Switzerland


  • CIRN Community Informatics Research Network
  • FiFF Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
  • GI Gesellschaft für Informatik - German Informatics Society
  • GMW Gesellschaft für Medien in der Wissenschaft – Society for Media in Science

2012-2017 Virtual University Bavaria (vhb) Program Committee

since 2016 Scientific Advisory Board SYNERGIE - Fachmagazin für Digitalisierung in der Lehre" (Universität Hamburg)